Freight Train Tag (for 7 or more players)

The first child is an Engine. The second child locks his arms around the waist of the Engine, bites into the back of the Engine’s neck & holds there; the third child joins the second in a similar way. These three form the Freight Train. Soon the skin of their mouths grow over the bite marks & the skin of their arms grows into the skin of the others’ waists & the three become one child, sharing blood & nerves & emotions.

An extra child tries to hook onto the back of the Freight Train, thus attempting to form a Caboose. When the extra child succeeds in hooking on he thinks he is the caboose, the extra child is not part of the Freight Train & the Freight Train wants the extra child gone. The Freight Train whips itself vigorously in order to extract the extra child. The game ends when the Freight Train derails.

Mathias Svalina (© 2009)