Came with broken hearts
came from all points of the compass rose
or compass star

Came to a bridge.


Crossed the bridge
into the city

Held each other
upon the bridge

with the city all before them

Took their picture.


Coming from wherever
this foreign couple

Tourists or immigrants
with hardly any English

Hardly any experience
but a walk upon the bridge

2 or 3×1.


Nothing climactic
but a casual promise
in all its power

A stroll across the bridge
some years hence



Or to see myself writing
a book in a room

On an island where I lived once
as an innocent child

On an island where I never
lost my innocence

1×1 or 1×2.


So that I come
into a strange company:

“more to me,
and more in my meditations,
than you might suppose.”

Giving or taking up
all of the names.


Weeping for sorrow
weeping for joy

There on the bridge
camera in hand

There in a room
I will never     see?

Namaste     Hineni

Norman Finkelstein (© 2005)