To Be Invisible

Sunlight grass yellows
In every none I find
one who kneels.
A click at the back
Absent rain
curves our way.
summerfull, river white.
Heat runs us
Watermelon wet,
I trace finger to window,
we turn inside
the village of split ends.
dizzy out the waterfront.
A silver school breaks
That light threshing sound.
An eyetooth moon
footprints. Crown hilltops
gone white capped
A tree funnels
your you
remains gone on utterance.
Sky bowl cradles to
of your mouth.
Erosion thickens
into skin-licked air.
window to rows
Roadside minnows
the breaking point.
rises to scrape out my
in olive ripple.
to reveal the is of it.


Alexandra Mattraw (© 2012)