This Was Said over Not Coffee, Not Cigarette, Not Dinner, Not…


ME: Your hair wet,
& your church
As natural to the

as   human dung.
Since dinosaurs,

but more immune
to ice-age & other
primordial editors

of yore.
But then you saw
a church built here.

At 1 st   :   stakes, string,
of outlines

ambiguous as shadow
or fetus.
Then : basement, frame,

skin, sound —
the structure becometh-ing
an architectural

scarecrow, guts of
fibrous Self
insulating the structure

to form, to
mythical-importance —
Or a glove- puppet,

each finger animating its
Singular prayer.


Nowadays, you even
drive your church
looking for THE

CHURCH.  For you alone       are
equivalent to cops
who seek   laws broken

as windows. For you alone are equivalent
to your confession:
The minor church
growing into you,

subtle as bone.

* * *

James Robinson (© 2006)