“there with the promise allowed…”

there with the promise allowed
frequented in urine folded fluorescence
behind the heft of plaid pantry
it’s unforgettable arm in wall slumber
and Pela spins he says it’s high time
and time is of essence; he humps
holes into the cataphract of degrees and cigarette protect us.

directly cross-sectioned through the doors of the store
through and wild adhesions alabastered
hummed and reticent with the courage of listing
its own listening, through even your cameras
3.75 marlboros halfcase skoal
and lottery through that venison you car
left with it and you make change even;
so it’s retinal and lucid in every way you speak.
star and earthbound iridescent He falls apart
off his bones in the aisle and is a wanderer
plus a satyr his vicious logos and legions
of blueprints)

cut through. neither me nor you
both is where we meet
i went to an island

i wont mind when i die.

Philip Jenks (© 2001)