The Phosphorescence of Thought

the slain wren
the golden-crested wren
the hunted wren
the little king
the father’s murderer
God’s sparrow
the prophetic bird
the ornithological fact
the halcyon myth
the floating nest
the vivid plumage
plunged into the sea
the king of trees
the soul of the oak
the copper-feathered pheasant
the hornet-headed drake
the wind-colored snipe
the crimson-hooked gull
the awkward young hawk
the azimuth of thrush
the terror-glossy crow
the wren in the central place
the starlings in twirling squadrons
the archaenoetic cranes
the fattening hens
the unabashed chickadee
the sepulchral swans
the slaughterous rookery
the autarchic bird lord
the pleromatic fixation
the autistic nucleus
the Canaanite mythology
the silly Celtic lore
the centroverted formation
the ocean of Godhead
the self-re-entrant pathology
the life-spanning midst
the cannibalism
the sorceress who transforms men into animals
the firmamentally liberating act
the inner voice

Peter O'Leary (© 2008)