Sound Making Surfaces

the whole while
snow puts to bed

differences in landscape

friction in the hiss
raises forests
and lays flat the field

to the ear’s extent –


a puddle in the dark
impossible to miss
because of pissing rain


a sound like
white noise rustle

or friction in the snow screen

drapes over the poem
almost in its form


that pop song with
the submarine ping:

bar dudes sound
the dance floor

with eyes for
and for not


just as a chandelier’s scatter
of twinkling in cathedral acoustics
echoes the higher dimensions

a Homeric simile conforms
to a mind’s raised contours


from the stadium’s roar
thru the third base gate

emerges the sense
the other side will clearly win


where the field ends
the chatter of crickets

peepers mark the water line


let cicadas rattle
the mind cherry
trees harbor winter

in August boughs
a screen of natural static


As snow puts to bed
differences in the landscape
what she says quiets

whatever you’d say
makes us unique

admin (© 2012)