Six Little Rhymes

Gone a long time
You among many
You among the leaves
In the north in the west

Exiled in the south
Exiled in the east
There shall the crow fly
Seeking his rest


*             *             *


Up the stone steps
To the fallen tree
Around the locked house
Never let me in

Snow in patches
There in the shade
There where I linger
Drinking your tears


*             *             *


Simple dreams
Simple desires
Feel the resistance
Within and without

And the world takes shape
Here and elsewhere
Feel its resistance
North and south


*             *             *


Over the border
Where you cannot go
The road still runs
To the crest of the hill

The snow still falls
And the wind still blows
Crossing the border
From east to west


*             *             *


You to whom I pray
You on whom I prey
Forgive my savage

Forgive the prayers
That sorrow betrays
The savage heart
In all its play


*             *             *


Everything stolen
Everything loaned
At last returned
Put in its place

Tokens of victory
Tokens of defeat
Losses restored
Lender and thief

Norman Finkelstein (© 2007)