I have been in love and I have been in the
airport and I have been to London to visit
the Queen. I have thought about her both dressed

and undressed. Take my hand. I have been
feeling ill lately, and my trips to the pharmacy
have been of no help whatsoever. The old man

behind the counter thinks I pay too much for
my prescriptions, but what can he or I or
anyone do? The viruses evolve unbelievably

fast, and one of them is bound to get you.
And therefore I have sailed the seas and come
— where? Nowhere, actually, and certainly nowhere

special. The plazas, the walks, the pleasant
shops, modulating into the thrill of the crowds
along the crowded avenues, the redundancies

— you would think that progress could take us
no farther, and you would be wrong. Restraint
is only a partial answer. Courting the primitive,

courting the eternal return, the ascent from room
to room, guardian to guardian, the lessons you hope
are still there to learn — these too are matters

which remain unresolved. This equilibrium,
this agitation, means that something has gone wrong
and there is — I mean isn’t — a cure.


See above.

Norman Finkelstein (© 2007)