Port Townsend, WA: 7th-20th Dec. 1999

"In thoughts of the visions of the night,
I saw long rows of angels in paradise,
each with his hands in a jar of spermaceti."


as long as the last salt seance
advances like sea foam


the rain & take
make shore houses
out of beads

your coral-free seascape
like a public mind


you will not like
what gives this owning stone an air


like the mushroom slows light
ashore with us —

lifts you into
the spinning story

[coniferous forest]

real in-ness of earth’s rotation
like pines shedding skulls

[orb-weaving spider]

childless like a magnet
under a light beam —

inactive sultan
cottoning entangled states

[night beach]

you observe
a candid tarantism

black prolonged leap
I will not believe

sharks in an ocean’s haloes
that bells

ring in heat coils
your listening ghost underway
would that we were

so into morning the entry stone
lichen’d white
might freeze completely

Eric Elshtain (© 2004)