Parts from the Notebook for the Occasion

The first thing is the instruments

the measurements the mapping.

For supplies try a market. For

inspiration let the faucet run. Any

water will do. Trains in

emergencies. The mouth

unnecessary. Forrest has been to

the beach. If all you need to do

is go home to watch a

French film then go,

for god’s sake. The all ever

embarrassment of ridicule. The

markings this serious. When

you broke his ears open what

did you find. When the car

shakes just stop driving. If

a lot of gas goes by try

to paint on it, paint the

sound of the markings hire

a chorus, your mouth is

not necessary but the others

are. The islands surrounded

cavalry a cavalry

and the cavalry pulls

the trains. This is not (though

it could be) a pretty thing.

This is contractual, tertiary, not

without consequence.



· · ·



The big picture will be

approximately twelve pages

long. You will say, that’s

all?   And I will beat you

with a shovel. Somewhere

between the ice maker and

the lake, the suburbs, I will

find the shovel. If it is a

back saver it will hurt you

less. If this is the third

in a long line of princes.

What does the expanded big picture

look like.



· · ·



And because you say

this should make me think

of Spain. They make books

to remind us that trees

look different in different

places. That road in

California for instance.



· · ·



This of imitation. This of the

weather and my favorite

meets your favorite for lunch

in other cities. The other kinds of

language we could use. Me especially.

Extensive. Horizontal. The bigger

your flank the more many

syllables you will need. The

counting the counting the

counting. Forgive my not listening

but it is snowing very hard

and very pretty. How would

you like me if this were

a prose poem. Some people and

their standards. So I am

not this familiar with Octavio

Paz. I can still like his music.

Octavio and the Renegades

released their third album this

month, and if I didn’t lie to you

I’d say it’s phenomenal. Who is

going to stop this conversation.

Who is going to tell one of us

to stop talking so much. This

like all the others is a one way

conversation. This work in impossible

definitions. When fonts are sexy.

When are fonts sexy.

The look a likes for the beautiful

girl who dates those beautiful

boys. When they come in pairs

and threes, like in Legends

of the Falls, though some people

(stupid, these people) prefer the book.



· · ·



When you miss the weather

this is what you miss.

Amanda Nadelberg (© 2007)