“Our Lady of the Scientific Method”

Her poisoning, I won’t bother
the radiation that crept in her veins, it’s too obvious,
Madame Curie
I’m not going to —

It’s better, if you want, need what was most in
the cells if scraped from the inside of her check,

If you want, mean to, that which spread and seeped, first

spend your days for observation,
mortgage your faculties to description;

then aim a tentative explanation,
impale the end of your senses;

scrutinize bodies in motion; make a stab in the dark;
infer your way to the existence of others,
their reactions to various stimuli, sounds they’ll make;

design experiments to test your predictions,
put your thumb in a vice

and hum:

welcome to my life scientific method
I’m a human now because of you, reason for us at present,

now at the hour of our evaporation
we, who are far from good thinking

Joel Bettridge (© 2010)