The spirit is in the box, and then
it is in him. Then they are on
risers, rising. This is called daemon-

ization, but the first one says no,
it’s sounds, not words. The first
one sings, and it’s words, sounds

and words together. Then it falls apart.
The second one sits and talks, or
stands and talks, but never dances.

The first one always dances. This is
some time ago, some would say long
ago, but it’s still in the box. All of

them say that now it’s always
in the box. “could be could be”
Lately there are more spirit

drawings. When they show them
to her, they think she’s praying. Maybe
she is, though it’s not that kind

of spirit.


None of this is made up.

Norman Finkelstein (© 2008)