Horses of Insight   (for Peter O’Leary)

I walked the woods
after breathing quietly
and seeing everything

Four times I saw the horses:

one black stallion,
with a lightning bolt
of white
streaking down its forehead,
and two brown mares.

Each day I sang to them
and showed them each
of my hands.

The first day all of them
came to the fence
to share with me their origins.

The second day
they were already at the fence
when I arrived, to fill
the balls of light inside.

The third day
a black cat
with a lightning bolt
of white
on its chest, came and played
with me as the horses
breathed quietly
at a distance
far away, but also
on the inside
of my heart. They were

at the dividing line
between each breath
and carried my light
from one breath
to the next. The cat
was happy
as it was the night
where morning
must be born. The last day

the two mares waited
apprehensively for me
as the black stallion breathed
upon the fence

all things
must cross
and which divides
from the mares.

I sang to them each
day, and each day
showed them each
of my hands. And on the last day,

I fulfilled my promise to them
that they would be
the horses of my dream, that I would
ride with them through all the lands
that now arrive
inside the breath. And as I said goodbye

and left, I walked away
and further on
I heard the hoof steps in the trees
I thought were deer
but it was them.

The horses
as they see me now
to be with them

Roberto Harrison (© 2009)