from Some Mariners

alias James

an alloy


yd never


                    • • •

ink a hinge here

‘n here

‘n mother

make me limber

                     • • •

grappling iron your legs

moor me in full tide

whet against protean shoulders

breath is fuel open your mouth

seep into luminous prowl of sea

night is shell eloquent

transient lid

                    • • •

on a ship. awake at night

cool wind bends your trim hazel hair

I open the hatch. pink moon pulls. a colossal bobbin

boat men and sea birds dream the same dream

dorsel fin splashes. baleen hinge creaks beneath

it’s late. creatures and people forget each other

I’d like to amuse you. clever with anchors and cables

time passes swiftly when you eat sleep fuck

whenever you want. I use my sorrow

a scene like this? it can’t last long

                                        after Su Tung-Po
                                        translated by James

                    • • •

private room

James dresses

black flannel

water glows

alphabets flicker

circular windows

transmits a letter

i    t    h    i    n    k
    o    f    y    o    u
o    f    t    e    n

into the mind of his lover

                    • • •

July corridor

Affined rim

Mum mum when

Echoic I descry further


                    • • •

easy in sleep

you nuzzle me

betraying your

tortured belly

the skin begins

coda of whales

Stacy Szymaszek (© 2002)