from ∆

a flat-topped block
slides — a sediment caught

mountainside as shape
the name implies

the thing like — a pyramidal point to
a U-shaped dock —

the spire dulled the hot
chore installed




like a huge soft — to
break this wet

matrix from ice —
or cold create

the sheet as it
assembles — Well

not a dome — Well
sort of — of course

white spacebars blue




this thug to escort
leakage! And begin —

except to begin — expect-
ant A charge

works the seal — To elect
and slice a stitch’s fissure —

jerked apart but not —
(re)seamed later

white paves so —
            thru dark




man then, a growth
to a moment

tethered — witness
the ground his vest

worn to nothing And raw
din grinding, crunches his instrument-

al tune — a formal emo-
tion — retreats from form

And him — he wishes
— but to men(tion)

not said as sir — is air, the material
to sound? or bind hydrogen He — not

balloon-like feels un-
necessary — as the seam

spilt (re)split, the tool keyed
in Understanding, he

deepens His materials
debased He — a moment nearing,

in face of the object, shies
A feeling — the dingus —

ruptures — over ice shelves
                           wind scampers




O, my charged particle — O, pierce
O, this dull pool

                           Send a blank

clap to sea A thought
sprayed crisp blue

Douglas Piccinnini (© 2010)