Force Feed, Force Field

Whatever comes up, gets drawn
in. See it here, shaped and trimmed
to manicure.

That two of three meanings come down
to force, energy, force to beat us
about the shoulders in the small
of the back, tack us like a crow
to the barn-door.

Force and erosion, resistance.

That jaunty Herakles would cauterize
the harmless lizards’ heads, throw
a lion’s mandible over his own skanky

The mucus membranes tender against
the tubes, cold or chafing. Stripped
and straps. This air, look you, not good
for wild flowers.

A lawgiver from parts unknown, or parts
known. Club and nail, key
and rudder. Keys in massy bunches
bulging the jeans.

Mark Scroggins (© 2013)