Dear Sean

My dear Sean,
Animal smell in my nostrils,
On my lips, tongue and face, a bright orange Durex
Delicately perched on wasted deodorant cans
And cardboard toilet roll holders
Are the only signs of you in my life but for a vision

I must tell you about now, visited upon me late today
Of you, a Blessed Madonna
(you’d want to be more than the Queen of Pop,
although you’ll never be a virgin again, Sonny Jim!)

Smiling down on top of me, grinding,
Biceps a-bulge, lips puckered.

Hard on for Ireland (Up Kilkenny!), and more,
A picture I would have pinned to my wall,
With a frame for your face, earring and all

Fitting icon for my time on this bitch earth,
Me now, convert and devotee to you
The glittering goddess of this, my life.

D.M. Coyle (© 2005)