Crow Transit Road

                                I find
two ears
go like tom toms with derelict spaces
a sound of subdivision
                    in the division in
if afraid to fight boys / if afraid to die
                    But remember
                its organization on the curb
    the prairie scurrying under the bed
the antiquities of the neighbors discovered
        as if the difference were interval
            now hear this go outside
      the possibilities pile
 clink in my pocket
 walk the grid of the marsh
  tufted with froth
       static left in the endocrine specimens
    dropped along Crow Transit Road

            what I walked back some years
                in the world of province
          what lives here is how we are alive
            can’t be lost and won’t wait up
                    a natural function like saying
                              indeed I do
                or John, where you been, or
                    we seek to look through
*nbsp;the light that has lighted
the only entrance to the building

Joel Felix (© 2001)