Another Dimension


Out of kilter with words
observe the cycles
intrinsic to sensibility

An echo, repeated

A doubling-back
and into oneself

Hand over hand

an austere strand of identity
is embedded in any metamorphosis

A hint at the boundaries
summons its emanation

Stepping among the primary questions
the body is altered attention


Identify your fortune
in an echo

A well-trodden book

Walking on all fours
it is bold to reach an animal capacity

I can imagine the energy
in a butterfly’s wings

A lane, a journey
every footstep

Worn by months of chances

the merest touch
of sunlight
can balance a person


Conscious of coincidence
and the wide circumference of ages

A realm of remoteness

A place out of touch

The companion we trace
is the same vehement silence

The earth is so connected to the soul

The sea, the trees
enough to behold


A diligent seclusion
implies an evident immersion
in another dimension

We speak and think this creed
over and against the bosom

We move invariably suspended
beneath the sky

which makes likewise, a halo
in the air

How strange, every day
more brilliant


Fortune makes fools
in her own nest

Follow the birds

Let the words echo
and behold the evident

A strand of trees
worn into memory

Every journey
a walking capacity

I can imagine the body
embroidered to the soul

The color of the sea,
embedded in every touch

Pam Rehm (© 2006)