A Parable   (for Jakob Stein)

He put the poem on the altar
(the blonde spelled it “alter”)
but the God would have none of it

The God then reminded him
that the altar was out of date
as was noted in the scroll

He gave the poem to the blonde
and the poem began to change
as was noted in the scroll

So he took back the poem
and wrapped it in the scroll
and hid it in a closet

So that it could not change

But the poem in the scroll
cried out to be altered
cried out from the altar

Cried out to keep faith
even with the God
even with the blonde

But the blonde would have none of it
and the God had altered
for he had not kept faith

So he took the poem
and wrapped himself in the scroll
and lay down on the altar

Norman Finkelstein (© 2006)