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This update features poems from Topher Hemann, Dan Rosenberg, Jamie Townsend, & John Tipton. Picks come courtesy of Drew Kunz.

As mentioned previously, we’ve got new books/chapbooks from Peter O’Leary, Douglas Piccinnini, & myself. You can order them directly from the CultSoc, so please have a look. Just click up top on publications.

In relevant news: Norman Finkelstein’s Inside the Ghost Factory is now available from Marsh Hawk Press.

Shoutation: locals & interstates; PBNY (Mazel Tov?); LaChima; JCNJ; Syl; Westerly Conovers; Cody; O’D.s; Bandmates; Princes: ems; EL/JP!; z./S./J.; NJNY; (version); Neo-Modernists; Magpies; Luna (much loved, 1994-2010); & you.

03.17.2010 - “Gravity Always Wins” by Joel Bettridge (© 2010) , in poems