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J. Robbins Performs “Outside the Aviary”

J. Robbins (© 2011)

J. Robbins Performs “Castaway”

J. Robbins (© 2011)

New Recording from BELLS≥

Matt LeMay & Chris Ernst setting up the LAMÉ session.

In July, 2011, Matt LeMay and BELLS≥ braved unusually hot, unventilated, and cramped conditions to record live performances of five songs, the fate of which recording was not yet clear. All participants were happy with the outcome, though, and following mastering by Carl Saff, this download-only EP was the result. Caspar Newbolt’s photographs were used for the artwork.

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New Publications Are Here!

Cultural Society Publications Fall 2010

Members of our society will be no stranger to the work of the inimitable Peter O’Leary. We’re proud to publish his latest, most ambitious, farthest-reaching, and personal collection of poems to date. It’s called Luminous Epinoia and you can order it by clicking here.

Also available are a poem by Douglas Piccinnini called SOFT, and a collection of several poems by Zach Barocas called Looking Up.

In the event that you need something to listen to while you read (and who doesn’t, at least part of the time?), please check out There are Crashes, the first recording by BELLS≥, an instrumental group from Brooklyn, NY.

Thanks again for your continued support and interest.