We’ve got a delightful mix for you this update: poems from Michael Autrey, Dan Beachy-Quick, Joel Bettridge, Paul Ebenkamp, Norman Finkelstein, Roberto Harrison, Michael Heller, David James Miller, Rico Moore, Peter O’Leary, John Phillips, Pam Rehm, Broc Rossell, Mark Scroggins, Mary Austin Speaker, John Tipton, and Tyrone Williams. We’ve got prose-poems by Gabriel and Marcel Piqueray translated by Robert Archambeau and Jean-Luc Garneau as well as an essay on William Blake by Peter O’Leary. The picks this round are courtesy of Steven Manuel. Just click on a contributor’s name and get right down to it.

As you might already know, Sally Delehant’s book is due back from the printer in early July and we should have Chuck Stebelton’s book in-hand by the end of that month. Though we’re most excited for these titles as they’ll bear our imprint, several contributors have had work published (relatively) recently:

Dan Beachy-Quick, Wonderful Investigations
Brooklyn Copeland, Siphon Harbor
Michael Heller, This Constellation Is A Name: Collected Poems 1965-2010 + Speaking The Estranged: Essays on the Work of George Oppen + Uncertain Poetries: Essays on Poets, Poetry and Poetics
Joseph Massey, At the Point
Amanda Nadelberg, Bright Brave Phenomena
John Phillips, What Shape Sound (scroll down a bit)
Kate Schapira, The Bounty: Four Addresses + How We Saved the City
Mark Scroggins, Red Arcadia (his Torture Garden: Naked City Pastorelles can be purchased directly from us or via SPD)
Shannon Tharp, The Cost of Walking
Jamie Townsend, The Dome
Tyrone Williams, Howell + Adventures of Pi

So there you go.

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