There’s much activity here at the Cultural Society. This update features more Szu Burgess photos; poems by Alicia Cohen, Joel Felix, Philip Jenks, Devin Johnston, & Pam Rehm; prose by Peter O’Leary; & a short interview with David Grubbs.

Our second Miniside is now available. It’s a poem by Philip Jenks & is once again a Sargasso Group/Lunalux co-production. If you need any letterpress work done, be sure to keep Lunalux in mind.

Slowly but surely, the Minisides will hopefully be making their way into an elite group of retail establishments. We’ll be keeping a list of where they can be procured on the Miniside page. In the meantime, we still have to sell them mail-order.

The First String: Sargasso Group, L.J., the Johnsons, Team 39-64, & the Interstate Home Team.