So here we are: 5 years old.There’s not much to say about it except that I’d like to thank all of our contributors & supporters for their contributions & support. We’ve made a good number of friends since we started this Society, published a handful of things, moved across the country 2.5 times, & felt privileged through it all to be able to produce this website. Thanks for stopping by.

This update is, in this editor’s estimation, enormous : we’ve got reviews of Norman Finkelstein & Peter O’Leary by Jon Curley; poems from Dan Beachy-Quick, Norman Finkelstein, Graham Foust, Aaron McCollough, Robert Murphy, John Phillips, Nate Pritts, Sun Yung Shin, Sam Ward, & Tyrone Williams; prose from Michael Heller; photographs from Paul Biedrzycki, Cary Conover, & Carlyle V. Smith; picks from Graham Foust & Sam Ward. We’ve also got our first online chapbook, a PDF republication of Joseph Massey’s Minima St.

In other news , Jen Tynes has a short reveiw of Pam Rehm’s Saving Bonds (& work by Jess Mynes & Joshua Marie Wilkinson as well) over at H_ngm_n; Andrew Edwards & Jon Curley have fired up Tempest Press (check the blog, too); & Norman Finkelstein,Dan Beachy-Quick, & Zach Barocas will be reading at Magers and Quinn on 09.24.06 (you can get the scoop at our events page). If I forgot anything, drop me a line.

The Shoutist shouts shout-outs: PBLA; NJNY; Team Tramp; Team (version); Jason/Sheila/Ella; The McKendrees; J./J./C.; Teams Cinci ; Elizabeth & Drew (Mazel Tov!); Gravy; Aisha; Johnny K.; Marshall Barker Johnson; z./S.; Syl; Jaime & Joel (Mazel Tov!) ; Mojo/K. (Mazel Tov?); The Hopbohm; Monika & Tom (homeward!); Katie & Dan (Mazel Tov!); Honeydew; the Mullens; Hayes; Nichole; Sonia; CBQuebec; The Kid & Blair; & you.

Thanks again.