Poems by John Martone, Joseph Massey, & Pam Rehm; the continuing saga of Peter O’Leary’s European stay (including some fineness on CultSoc favorite Márton Koppány in Postcard 8); photos from Cary Conover; picks courtesy of Philly’s finest, Jesse Pires: the man said, “Please, please, please let me get what I want.” The CultSoc replied, “Here you go.”

Shouts, etc.: The Teams, The Fams, Vacationers/Movers/Shakers, the McKendrees & their truck, Aaron/Carolyn/David (Mazel Tov), E. Do/D.O’D. (Mazel Tov), K.K.N.C., C.N.U.K., P.B.N.Y., Channels, D.F. Tuscon (where’d you go?), & you.

Much thanks.