Among the pleasures of being an aggregate quarterly is that it gives time for contributors to gather their goods. While putting this update together, I thought it might be best to hold a few things back as insurance, sleeved aces for the summer update. But my enthusiasm got the best of me & so this update’s a full serving: poems from Joel Bettridge, Derek Coyle, Norman Finkelstein, Graham Foust, Michael Heller, Peter O’Leary, Pam Rehm, Mark Scroggins, & Sam Ward. Cary Conover even made it back, his eye as skillfully attuned as ever.

Really, it’s a lot of wonderful stuff. Don’t forget to check out the publications page either.

Quick mention should be made of the recent publications of Peter O’Leary’s Depth Theology & Jen Tynes’ The End of Rude Handles, both of which are delightful & unique, & both of which should join the works of our other contributors on your shelves & in your hearts. The publishers of these works can be found on our links page.

Shout, shout: Alex & Anne (Mazel Tov!); NJNY; Teams Cinci + KBNY (can’t thank you enough); Team Coreopsis; Team Stillwater (welcome home, M.); Team Fitschen; J./J./C.; Joe (OTR); Jen & Conan (Mazel Tov!); Halloween, Alaska; Team I.J.; Team Tramp; Team (version); PBNY (where’d you go?); J./S./E.; Hopbohm; Honeydew Felon; Team Franqulin; Hayes; Gibble; Mojo/K.; Gravy; Mark Sparkle; the Chef; & you.

Thanks again.