This update brings poems from Robert Archambeau, Dan Beachy-Quick, Claire Becker, Joel Bettridge, Norman Finkelstein, Gina Myers, Peter O’Leary, Michael Prasil, Pam Rehm, Kate Schapira, & Chuck Stebelton; & prose from Joseph Bradshaw & Chris Zinger. We’ve also got photographs from Cary Conover & picks from Jesse Pires & myself.

In other news, as some of you already know, we’ve released a one-sided, clear vinyl 12″ EP gathering one song each from 4 Twin Cities bands. For the technologically encumbered, it’s also available via iTunes & Amazon MP3 download. The bands are Story of the Sea, The Million (my band; I play drums), Hail, Architect, & Self-Evident. Not only do I encourage you to pick up a copy one way or another, I’m guessing that, unless your rock music aversion is running high these days, you’re likely to enjoy at least of the bands.

Thanks to all of the contributors for their patience during the delay-a-thon that led up to this update.

Shout, shouter, shoutest: JCNJ; PBNY; NJNY; z./S.; Syl, E.,D., & T.; Magpies (happy birthday, again, Cal!); A./A.; (version); MBJNY; APLNY; KDS/AJM; Gurldogg; Henriksens; JMCA; CBQC; Miles Wm. Wickard (welcome home!); EL/JP!; BT & E; KBTSNY (Mazel Tov!); Stillwaters; Franklins; Team Indy; Local Talents; & you.