Update (for Robert Archambeau)

Dear Members of the Subcommittee:

The most recent reports indicate that
we are experiencing significant increases
in displacement across all sectors.
How are we to account for this, and what
is the appropriate response? We have
double-checked the current icons against
the master list. Although we have identified
numerous instances of free-floating belief,
there is still no reason to assume that cultic
activity may in any way interfere with
the proposed generation, gradual but
ultimately pervasive, of the affect clouds
developed by our recently acquired subsidiary.
(We refer you to the results of last month’s
test at selected stations in Tokyo, Paris,
and Chicago.) The evidence suggests that
we should anticipate an occasional thinning
of duality barriers at commonly recognized
checkpoints, such as grottos, tailor shops,
and antique auctions. Although we do not
consider it wise to entirely dismiss the rumors
of oneiric infection among more susceptible
populations (to say nothing of the so-called
“sightings” under corpusant illumination),
we would nevertheless discourage any
encoding, inscription, or spell-binding before
verification is firmly established. We will
continue to update the Subcommittee
as necessary, but we would request that
the members exercise patience, as our
informants tend to be less than forthcoming
on most occasions.

Norman Finkelstein (© 2013)