Twelfth Amanita Ode : To Replace Waking with Realization

    Rusty brown spores of the Goliath Webcap in calcareous Asian woodlands.
    Slimy violet cap of the Bitter Bigfoot Webcap in old North American
    Long black underground rhizomorphs, under the bark of fallen trees like
bootlaces, of the Honey Fungus in a British garden.
    Troops of Salt-Loving Mushrooms along a Scandinavian seashore.
    Plastic-wrapped packages of Cultivated Mushrooms in all American
    Litter-rotting habits of the Violet Domecap in chalk and limestone
European woodlands.
    Amatoxins of the Deadly Parasol in suburban backyards.
    Unfortunate reputation for smelling bad of the Fetid Parachute on cast-
off leaf litter.
    Bioluminescent gills loaded with cytotoxins of the Jack O’Lantern
omphalotus illudens in a mixed Michigan woods.
    Ectomycorrhizal hyphae of the Copper Brittlegill in a montane conifer
    Hot, acrid flesh, and gastroenteretic poisoning, of the Sickener in Russian
    Flat, weakly depressed cap and characteristic spicy aroma of the American
Mastutake in an Oregon pine woods.
    Inedible redcap of the Flame Bolete in a Nova Scotia grove.
    Uncertain true distribution of the King Bolete among broadleaf and
conifers the globe over.
    Six-sided pores on the bracket of the Hairy Hexagon on fallen roadside
logs in Jamaica.
    Bright yellow pigment and mildly hallucinogenic tea tonic of the Dyer’s
Mazegill in a Moravian mycologist’s possession.
    Smooth undersurface of the Leathery Goblet in an Indonesian tropical
    Thin, rubbery-gelatinous brackets of the Jew’s Ear on the elder tree Judas
Iscariot hanged himself from.
    Intricately coalesced fronds of the nearly universal Earthfan on the ground
at the base of trees the world over.
    Coma and convulsions from the ibotenic acid and muscimol of the
Panthercap in Siberian pasture land.
    Cholesterol-lowering lovastatin in the laterally expansive tiers of the fruit
bodies of the Oyster Mushroom on compacted straw bales in a cultivator’s

    And last:
    Little pointed Phrygian cap of the dung-loving Magic Mushroom clustered
on a lawn of manured grass.

Peter O'Leary (© 2012)