This Poem for My Sister

And we wouldn’t have to call it
Girls’ Night and it wouldn’t be.
Leave your things behind. Choose
a place to meet. The road

turns into a University and we wish
we were students. Teach me,
whiskey on the soccer field,
October. The road is long

and full of terrible conversation. The
road feels our plight. The gas
stations open their restrooms to our
hearts. You are the only one I

want to buy big Diet Cokes
with. The foot long jerky,
the maps and sunglasses. We
look for our name in all of the

fortunes. The fortunes swim in
other rivers. The rivers sound like
living, they say: stop the
applications! Stop the paper

work! The paper mill is
bleeding! The river smells the
way your breath and
your hair always smell good.

You are my sister and even
though I love you. An okay
corral is what we’re after.
The riverbeds we sleep in.

We listen to all the
people. To all of them
we salute ourselves we
salute our hair down we

grow it longer we refuse
the hair cuts we refuse
ourselves Birthday we
refuse to go home together.

The rambling the love I
have for you in my pocket.
We are on fire. We are on
fire and we’re not gonna tell.

Amanda Nadelberg (© 2008)