Thirteenth Amanita Ode Ethnomycology and Image

Courser in the boreal forest belt. Receded icecap.
Permutated applications of singsong. Astral light of the midnight sun. Astral
light of the noonday darkness.
Before the art of distillation.
Before the means of storing berries
and the juices of berries. Before
the techniques of fermenting liquors.
Shamans and mushrooms. Spruces and birches.
Northern Eurasian reaches. Sunlight glancing
off the Bothnian Sea. Koivu. Birch. Rich voice. Curved core.

Ash. Spears of autumnal light. All yellow.
Pentecostal commas of flame.
Punctuating each head.
Acetylene yod. En-
theogenic fire.

And the human novum of forgiveness.

Peter O'Leary (© 2017)