Third Amantia Ode

Moon     and gloomy-star,     silver wheel,     blue lure
masker, toy : magic disk and doubt disk.
Wide-dark.     Cloudy wind-dark.     Twin-lit moistener.
Metal cloud-storm.     Loss beacon.     Night courser.
Orange summoner.       Strange radiator.       Scalpal-harasser.

Mushroom       food-jewel and madness-jewel.              Moon’s stone and
sun’s bane.         Heaven’s fiery backside.         Earth’s threads, Earth’s filters.
Resounder of the word’s way       Moon’s urine       mainstay pillar fulcrum
Monarch of everything that sees the sun’s light dazzling daytime mesh reseen
as a structured fiber of moonlight
waves rich in honey.
Pressed one.
Studs on the cudgel.

Forest       System of energy.       Green heliotroph.       Earth-vestiture.       Earth.
Mycelium manifestor. Animal laboratory. Light sieve. Light filter.
Moon fog. Mind fog. What the antipodal night drains through.
Detonation cushion.   Dense master.   Darkness thickener.

Shadow-bellower fire-wick. Silvery-white constellator.
Metaphor of living forms. Massive laws. Earth-vestiture of verdure.
Green shudder. Mountains mantle.
Birch   or pine   or hemlock.
Fir. Gallop of horses the winds
sound. Thou hast clothed thyself in sun-bursts
where the shadows in thee have thrived.

Books       Legendarium.       Demense.       Mountain fastness.

It seemed that a shadow hung over the fly agaric,
an ancestral curse; yes, a talon

Olympic summits. Heights above the tree line.
Ample ursine foragers. Angelic consummators.
Cloaks of light, oil of light drizzled in my beard.
Sprinkled manifestations of the locomotion.
Walking and sauntering. The witness
of nearly constant walking.

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