The Phosphorescence of Thought

Differentiation. Autopoeisis. Communion.
Energy’s copulating androgyne.
Radiant structures of the animate world.
Resistance. Force. Dreams.
Autofellation. The surge and the need. The vaginal twitter.
Beatitude of reading; beatitude of the love embrace, the sexual evening, its anticipated lateness.
The thermonuclear sustenance of the sun.
The ongoing collapse of our galactic cloud.
Thought’s self-imploding centers.
The universe is a single multiform development
in the kaleidoscopic quantum
of human

Its particulate Himalayan effluvium — stone
molten into time. Yogic
domestication of the breath. Love’s
percussion, honey, disoxygenating
fury. That centripetal feeling coming on,
sweetness coming on, that
theocentric order and ornament.

Peter O'Leary (© 2010)