The Greening of the Body

The idea of
        Who you are
        woe is I

The cultivation
of an essence

is essentially
an encounter

equated with
“in the beginning”

This intimate entrance
This trance of intimacy

that constantly avails me

Life is drawn
        from the land’s mercy

Try as it might,
        it can’t outgrow it

Insects at dawn
A blackberry thicket
        wearing the sun

Miracle has in it
An aim we can
moor ourselves in

to reclaim miracle
is the essential equation

Holding is not keeping
but a weakening
that provides strength

I wend down the street
take a detour through leaves
to emulate freedom
from traffic, crowds

Ecstasy evolves slowly
a closed horizon

I become its concentration

As the barely perceptible
subtly replenishes my potential

Pam Rehm (© 2009)