Tea Leaf Logic

As swans die off the coast of Libya.
As the robin brought corn to Brittany.
As the Neapolitans are want to include
fennel. As gingerbread aids the sailor.
As capitalism moves on to find cheaper
labor. As the goose is trained to turn
the spit. Let’s not resort to the wryneck
wheel. Let the woodpecker reveal the
springwort. What keeps me alive is killing
me. How will Calches The Soothsayer
address the face in the tumor? Who is
going to tell Galen we are not like sheep?
You find a little red animal, of salty flavor,
who is the owner of the house.
You can tell
by the way he turns his key. Hear a cuckoo
on an empty stomach and lose all feeling in
your limbs. Wizardry is when they shoot a
dead man’s tooth or a quartz crystal in you.

Murky blurring of the separate spheres.

Whit Griffin (© 2012)