Still Another

(wherein metaphysics upbraids theory in the service of ethics)

Breaching Self to accommodate another,
theory intruded:
Brother became Other
while Sister was still Soul —
but still another.

Residing in the inner sanctum —
the Self’s shelf —
an embryonic idea was coerced
by its too-easy resemblance to Mother —
but still another.

The hindrance of distance
derides the need to embrace.
“Father?” I asked. He smiled
and said “Son.” And added:
“Here is your twin brother — still another.”

Prodded by belief, he approached
the Antiquary about setting up solidarity.
This individual grimaced at this inquiry.
“You can be close, but to collectivize
you need to realize still another.”

Worlds, vast worlds, whir by
One’s vision with the plumage
of a smoky bird, a revenant,
a symbol maybe. Yet what is
this aggregate of meanings? Still another.

If you reach for any of these worlds,
any of those birds, you might lose all words
that silhouette the shapes of your sentiments.
Dwell on yourself — and that one over there —
yet always remember: there is still another.

Jon Curley (© 2007)