One to Another   (for Peter O’Leary)

How do you make
embodiment dear

if you fear
its hold on your life?

The daunting tolerance
of unsolitariness

and how to garner silence
from the outside in

How will I survive
the broad plain

with the form of my feeling
at the boundary of faith

Shall I have hope
inside the throat, imploringly

as I lay the days in order?



Teach me sense

Help me to grow
a rare perception

to know the main essentials
of finding

a deeper revelation

A reminder of the link
between meanings

For all that we focus on

As they move from perch to feed bowl

One can easily miss things



Everything contrives to bring to within

a constituent part
of home

For surely life grows into
a majestic spirit

the soul is an exquisite organ

imagination does not require power

Sown in bones and flesh
Raised in flaming mysticalness

Your vision will alight
the fire to create

A continual source
of sustenance  

Pam Rehm (© 2007)