Night Birds

Robert Corless, Untitled Blue Figures, watercolor on paper, 1961.

Untitled Painting by Robert Corless, 1961, watercolor on paper.



prep paper
         to resemble dusk, music
for a pull-your-through


whites, blacks,
         mixed to a grey-first


into a wet,
sloping wash of manifold blues
         veined with thin red-currents
                  and a foundational pink wash


         maybe these are painted
with Coltrane bristles?


remember, revolution is
         no one color; red-eyed
sight, storing water
         and death within
intended portals
& out’d,     uplifted by blue
like airfoil, stuffing
                  don’t & the honey-down


muted unheard wing-beat, the implied in-whistle, the horizontal
      haunt, the temptation to over-lap


don’t laugh, don’t call them foggy griffins
gravity pulls on
double night birds, weighing the right airy weight
for their boom-
perfecting buoyancy within late evening densities,
real, an almost-felt dream-
feather-and-fowl, youngish,
possibly breeding, specular, skeptical comics
like language, perfect nonsense and beyond nature,
arriving to watch,
applying more well-passion than the usual muses do
and by ascending,
         twin blue

Tim Keane (© 2013)