Lyrics from The Language Performance


The ablative interests me.
By it, from it, with it, in it, on it:
separation, causation. Declined.

              He became an explosive
              to shed the cocoon
              embraces made for him:

from it.

              Like a piñata that shatters itself.
              Imagine its need:

in it.

The noun resists. That’s its nature.


“ . . . that the participant who’s watching and being audience for it is the same
as the person on stage, and that this is an enterprise we can’t do independently,
that we have to do together . . .”
                                    — Trey McIntyre

After the punks tore up the place in anger
and you yourself tore up the place
and made yourself someone else

receiving the love of people within your circle
who had pushed you, cajoled you and set an example
and clothed you and fed you and wept,

you came to me and lifted me from my seat
and clasped me to your sweating self,
pressed me until I surrendered,

and made me co-extensive with your enterprise.
A Heisenbergian case-in-point,
reversed: the observer is changed.

Disrupting the gravity holding me to the chair,
I rose to my feet: and who wouldn’t want
permission to break herself

against her commonplace life with the force of her body
thrashing and stomping a crowd’s worth?

Janet Holmes (© 2012)