Lost in Loving Thought

You can take care of it yourself     Eat the shells
and toss the peanuts to the floor     Better yet
kill them with kindness     Polish names
are intrinsically difficult and outlandish     The Chinese’s
are short and funny     Where will all the money
come from     After all, we aren’t
going anywhere     Land
the airplane     Fourteen hours     Dying
to get out alive     Is that mushroom
edible     “It’s like sending an animal
into the wild without claws!”     Learning
to read the new jungle out
there     Traffic flows on Brooklyn
Bridge     Disrupt the norm     Until the leaves
turn October is mostly subprime     Lately
it’s been getting late     Icons emote complex
emotions     Totemic poles once
placed their jars like nothing else in Illinois     Take
Chicago     Full of poles     Blue
lights     Of course even the marks know
how to smile     This is, after all, America     Heat
is hot     Rocks and things
and William James     I think I’ll have
the burger     Where’s Ralph?

Chris Glomski (© 2012)