Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar

Tearing off decorative bits of the Alhambra
is discouraged. Action needs no trumpet.
Read Hume for a complicated history of
billiard balls. Cato has good instructions
for making cake. Baking bread with a wolf
crying at the moon. Leave the meat for
younger men. Give us the black broth. They
pick up where the people piss or spit or stealing
the hair from the people’s hairbrush
. Like a
hedgehog, but not prickly. Broadly dropped,
more Hebrew than Sanskrit. Cut anywhere
there’s a spiral. A fine, downy meal. An early
notion orchids emerged from spilled semen. The
wise are prone to doubt.
The Etruscans rescinded
their offer to save Rome, by conjuring lightning
upon the Visigoths, because the Pope refused a
public ceremony. Give up on the city on a hill.
Conflicting empathies. From this point on we’re
working under the assumption you can already
move small objects with your mind. That’s
Wheaton’s gorilla.

Whit Griffin (© 2012)