Dispatch  (for Joe Donahue)

Thousands of feet of film are found
in the archive. The editing is left to others.
They eat the flowers, the ones on the plate
and the ones in the garden. They eat
the butterflies, and retell the story
of the famous boxer and his entourage.
In each retelling, the boxer is more
heroic, and his assistant more of a fool.
This is typical; it confirms all of the
previous studies. But if the board
has its way, we will no longer be privy
to such information. If the board
has its way, service will be disrupted
across the entire network; free movement
between the realms will cease; all of the
passages previously interpreted will be
returned to their original state of obscurity.
Recent polls indicate that the membership
is of two minds. The consultant suggests
the release of an ectoplasmic cloud, designed
to envelope the grounds of the Foundation.
This should not be regarded as an unusually
drastic move. There are precedents for
such action. Consider Ascona. Consider
Santa Cruz.

Norman Finkelstein (© 2012)