Brazen Youth   for Chris Allick

Four years advantage in the race

across the street. Half the pressure,

twice the speed. The hard-learned

lesson not every pigeon can

be trusted. Kicking through leaves

November crisp & sneaky sneaks

passing notes. Who wants to pay

for a soda anyway? Misused coffee

cups & the imagined lives of co-workers

a thousand times better than this

ten to six day in day out.

The imagined lives of forties on rooftops

& fingernails flecked with silver

spray paint. As if a photograph could catch

it all or catch anything at all.

Carrying the weight of our costumes

through this downward spiral circle pit.

The frenzied youth smashing

up against one another. Now: counter-

clockwise. Goodbye lovers & haters.

Goodbye New York.

Gina Myers (© 2008)