Approximate Translation

And here is where it says
one summer was hard.
Something concerning bruised
lilac, drowned hickory. Then
something about a concert, it
was small, there were trumpets
and animals in the field, man’s
face like a carriage, certain. Supposing
dress, it describes better ways to get
naked, wet shoes and stockings
worth solving. Brave, green
explains the morning, the part
about the violent age and weather
becoming a friend who stops
by to inquire. A tooth falls
out in hell. Blood evidence,
the shirt bleeds, it says the
marks were halting and how
the family prayed. The ocean
brought itself back to the country,
managed to stay, maneuvering
triumph in the face of decay. How
water carries flowers into the fields,
it says something then about that.

Amanda Nadelberg (© 2010)