And These Are My Feelings

And the people, these American
people have spoken. We love your

heart, they say. You can have it, I
say to the people. Open your mouths

sit here a while, and wait for it, I
say. It is falling from the sky

it is a piece of the sky and today
you are all Jason Varitek.

This weather is going to pass, and
I am going to bed early. I am

a part of the telephone,
I am the part that hinges the

lights on and off. I am the
part that hinges the light. You

are the buttons and the
buttons are breaking. I tell the whole

room how funny we are and
they enjoy what it is you

do to me, they enjoy us. The Face,
my dear brother carries our bags inside.

There will be time for everything
he says. In the dark in the

driveway I light an emergency
from my biggest pocket.

For the first time in history
we have a situation: legs and legs

are pairs of sounds. In the small
town we become ourselves again.

There is no bonfire but there
are plenty of fires. O, do I know

you’re special. We are
a competitive love! These

are the things of horse races, and you
are a good horse and I am not going away.

Amanda Nadelberg (© 2008)