The Platformist, Poems by Chuck Stebelton

Smyth-sewn paperback · 88pp · $15 · ISBN 9780977340187

Flora, birds, cities, media, art (high, low, and in between), culture, politics — each of these things can be reduced to a perilously small presence as priority and bandwidth are granted to so-called “information” at the expense of intimacy, direct experience and expression. Chuck Stebelton’s poetry is a safe haven for these frequently-overlooked factors in our lives, a preserve of humor and compassion, in a full range of emotion and experiment.

Chuck Stebelton is the author of Circulation Flowers (Tougher Disguises, 2005). Recent print objects and chapbooks include Asterisk (Number 13, Fewer & Further Press), ‘Tis (John Riepenhoff Experience), A Maximal Object (Mitzvah Chaps), Flags and Banners (Bronze Skull Press), and Precious (Answer Tag Home Press). He works as Literary Program Director at Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee.

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Chuck Stebelton (© 2012)