The Cultural Society Audio Recording No 1

Sold Out

One-sided, clear vinyl 12″ EP featuring one song each
from Story of the Sea, Self-Evident, The Million, & Hail Architect

Story of the Sea: Adam Prince, voice & guitar; Damon Kalar, guitar; John McEwen, bass guitar; Ian Prince, drums

The Million: Dave Jass, guitar & voice; Joel Wickard, guitar; Dan West, bass guitar; Zach Barocas, drum kit

Hail, Architect: Quinn Larson, voice; Joshua Ans, guitar; Ryan Maier, guitar; Matt Lammers, bass guitar; Jeff Boone, drums & cymbals

Self-Evident: Conrad Mach, voice & guitar; Tom Berg, bass guitar; Ben Johnston, drums

Zach Barocas (© 2008)