Luminous Epinoia, poems by Peter O’Leary

Hardbound and sewn w/ metallic cloth, whitestamped foil, endsheets · 128pp · $21 · ISBN 9780977340149

Luminous epinoia, a Gnostic notion, stands for the primordial imagination from which the whole of creation came into being. Likewise, Peter O’Leary’s poetry moves from a mythic unconscious to its manifestation in mutual dreaming: family, friends, literary forbearers, and political demons take their place in a Dantescan vision of order and strife. Yet the prevailing mode of this book is less narrative than devotional: O’Leary’s rich diction, full of archaisms and neologisms, tessellates dreadcomb, lutrescence, fogroom, and beatitude, the whole of it forming a complex, cathedralic figure for desire.

Peter O'Leary (© 2010)